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Highlights from theater camp!

Thanks for visiting our Theater Camp blog!

We set the dates. We invited the kids. And the first two camps were great! Everything according to plan- everything fun! Then COVID-19 happened and changed everything. Our camps on March 28th and April 25th were postponed for everyone's health and safety. But that couldn't keep our students from continuing to pursue what they loved!

We are so proud of you all!

Please check out the following video, featuring 16 kids and 9 teachers, singing "When I Grow Up," from Matilda.

A very special thanks to our Theater Camp director, Miss Leigh Ann, for coming up with this great idea and for the hours of editing she did to bring you all this video, featuring your amazing kids!

We hope you enjoy!

A huge thank you to SafeSplash Swim School and Kelly's School of Dance in Fort Mill, for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities to host our Theater Camps. We appreciate you both so much! Please check out their amazing businesses as well. Below you will find photos from from of our previous camps.



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