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Our promise to you!

At​ Creative Melodies, we aim to honor you and your family as people, not just as clients or employees.



We promise to invest in your whole child and serve with our whole heart. Our goal is to make you proud by helping your child be all he or she can be. We accomplish this by providing quality one-on-one or group instruction for your child, and by having up to five recitals a year. Your child will shine! He or she will grow musically, cognitively, socially, and academically. We believe in relationship above business, and in serving the needs of our students.




We promise to make learning music fun. Our mission at Creative Melodies is to inspire students to become lifelong lovers and learners of music. Too many students give up on music at a young age, and almost all regret it later in life. We strive to balance having fun with the hard work and discipline that proficiency on an instrument requires. Your personal success is our goal.


We promise to value you as a person. At Creative Melodies, we provide you with opportunities for advancement within the company, bonuses, continuing music and educator training, personal growth opportunities, social enrichment, and a good income. Your achievements will be acknowledged and rewarded.

Creative Melodies

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