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What we expect of our students:

·  To practice regularly. It is recommended that the student practice 30-60 minutes 5 days a  week.

·    To have the proper instrument, music, and materials needed for instruction at each lesson.

·  To be an active participant in the lesson.

·    To show respect for the Instructor. Poor or disruptive behavior may result in terminating the lesson. (No makeup lesson will be given and charges will still apply.)

·  To have fun during their lessons and personal practice. The goal of Creative Melodies LLC is to make learning music fun!

Scheduling and Refunds:

ONE makeup lesson may be given within the same billing period subject to the availability of the instructor. In the event of schedule conflicts such as sickness, school, work projects, or family issues, we ask that you give your instructor twenty-four (24) hour advance notice. If you do not contact your instructor twenty-four (24) hours before arrival, charges for that lesson will be applied and the lesson will not be rescheduled. Our Instructor do their very best to schedule makeup lessons with you and your family! However, if an instructor tries to schedule a requested makeup lesson two times and is not able to find a convenient time for both parties, the lesson will be forfeited.


The Instructor reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any reason. When possible, a make-up lesson will be offered. No charges will be assessed if the instructor must cancel the lesson and is not able to make it up at the student's convenience. If this happens, a credit will be applied to the next month’s tuition.


Creative Melodies LLC is closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. If your lesson falls on one of these days, you will not be charged.



In the event of a family emergency, such as an accident, death, or sudden illness in the immediate family, we offer "flex time," whereby you may skip up to 4 lessons at no charge. (A few restrictions apply.) All we ask is for communication in writing.

Summer Lessons:

Summertime can be very busy for families, which is why Creative Melodies offers Summer Vacation "Flextime," should your lesson agreement extend through the summer months. To qualify for summer Flextime, prior communication is necessary. Let us know that you need to take a break during the summer and we will send you a short application form to fill out. Changes must be made before the start of a new billing cycle. All other missed lessons are subject to our scheduling policy above.

If you are interested in increasing your lesson time during the summer months of June, July, or August,  please let us know and we will send you a short application form to fill out. Increased lesson time will only apply for the time indicated on the form, and regular lesson times will resume after its fulfillment.


A parent, adult, or legal guardian over the age of 18 must be present for the duration of each lesson if the student is 17 or under. If the instructor arrives at the home and there is no one of legal age present no lesson will be given. Charges for that lesson will be applied and the lesson will not be rescheduled.


Creative Melodies LLC reserves the right to substitute an instructor temporarily or permanently if necessary.

Media release:

Creative Melodies LLC takes photographs and/or videos of recital participants and attendees. By being a part of these events, you agree to allow CMLLC use the photographs and/or videos on their website and other social media sites.

Cancellation Policy:

If you wish to terminate lessons on a permanent basis, a written notice is required. Termination requests received within ten (10) days of the original lesson agreement date will be subject to a minimum of one monthly payment amount; termination requests received after 10 days will be subject to a $350.00 severance fee.

NOTE: You can also read our Privacy Policy for the use of this website.


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